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About Alicia Bonnet

Alicia BonnetAlicia Bonnet is a ceremonial facilitator, sound, touch and vocal medicine healer, recording artist, Dances of Universal Peace leader, Sun Priestess, Universal Life Minister, Dervish Healing Order member, Quantum Touch and Polarity practitioner, water guide, and Bubbles the Clown. Alicia's water color drawings and flying heart art pieces reflect her continuing sea adventures.

She can assist you in remembering the sacred joy in your life. Laughter and humor provide an opening to the heart. Alicia has played and studied with such folks as the Bear Tribe, California School of Herbal Studies, the Lama Foundation, the Earthtrust Foundation, Good Medicine, and the International Folklore Project. She spent many years organizing children’s programs at these events and channeling her love for children as Bubbles the Clown through her business Bubbles Singing Telegrams and Clown Shows. She encourages your inner wonder child to integrate and play with your balanced, harmonious adult.

Alicia as ceremonialist uses all her talents in creating joyous, loving ceremonies, special events, and individual sessions for children, adults or families. When the heart is full of laughter and love, peace can radiate forth to heal ourselves, our community and the world.

Alicia is the Artistic Director and Producer of the New Moon Journey CD which includes 13 chants to inspire sister circles, and the author of the Women’s New Moon Guide, the companion book on how to begin new moon sister circles. She has seeded numerous sister circles around the world and is a member of a new moon sister circle in Southern Oregon (USA) that has been meeting since 1993.

As a recording artist with five releases to her credit, Opening, Emergence, Trusting, Simple Gifts, and New Moon Journey, Alicia shines as a music weaver. Her mesmerizing voice interweaves with her banjo, Balinese flute, dulcimer, mandolin and piano accompaniments to create an aura of enchantment and unconditional love. Alicia mixes listening songs with group sing-a-long heartsongs, from rousing gospel to light blues and folk to lilting ballads for ceremonies or campfires.

Alicia is visioning/manifesting an eco peace fleet as sea/land community.