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Interfaith Sacred Fun Ceremonies
Connect All Life

Alicia prepares to guide a ceremony at Spirit Journey.

We share the power of love and laughter by connecting with planet-based cycles of the moon and sun, day and night, and seasons of the year. I guide fun interactive intercultural interfaith gatherings, rites of passage ceremonies, and individual sound/energy sessions.

These gatherings include Solstice and Equinox ceremonies, weddings, memorials, and house blessings as well as New Moon Sister Circles, Peace Fires, Water Blessings and the Celtic 13 Moon Ceremony.

Alicia's Tools

Native American, Sufi, Celtic, Clown, and Christian traditions are interwoven throughout the ceremonies in the music, dancing, meditations and rituals. Alicia is a Universal Life Minister, Dervish Healing Order member (Sufism), Sun Priestess, and Bubbles the Clown. She has studied with Sunwolf of the Bear Tribe, herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Dances of Universal peace leader Tui Wilchinsky, and many others teachers throughout the world. Healing modalities include quantum touch, polarity, massage and yoga, as well as voice, sound, movement and clowning.

Contact her at aliciamerlady@gmail.com for prices to have her come and spread her magic at your event, ceremony, private session.

Ceremonies Offered:

New Moon Sister Circle

New Moon sister in her created mask and shield portrays White Buffalo Calf Woman.New Moon sister in her created mask and shield portrays White Buffalo Calf Woman.

New Moon Sister Circles are one way that women today can empower themselves and each other by linking with like-minded sisters. Women praying, praising, and playing together can inspire and transform their lives and the communities in which they live. By honoring and becoming aware of the New Moon Cycle, women will remember a natural way of being in tune with the earth.

Alicia is the artistic director and producer of the New Moon Journey CD and Women's New Moon Guide which support the seeding of new moon sister circles around the world.

Sundown Conch Ceremony

Alicia's drawing documents a flying heart made of seashells that she created in the Caymen islands, in the Carribbean.Alicia's drawing documents a flying heart made of seashells that she created in the Caymen islands, in the Carribbean.

Alicia gives and receives love in a five to twenty minute sundown ceremony that culminates by blowing a conch shell three times. This sends a pulse of love around the world through the 71 and more flying heart art pieces she has made around the world, in Ireland, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Honduras, Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji and many states of the US. She connects “love juice" to the many folks who have received sparkling heart stickers over the years.

Peace Fire

Singing around a peace fire in Wales.Singing around a peace fire in Wales.

We strengthen the peace inside as men, women and children gather together singing and dancing around a fire. That peace can then emanate from our hearts to bathe ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. Peace fires can be hosted in any outdoor space where fire is permitted.

Celtic 13 Moon Ceremony

People celebrate in ceremonial circle.This ancient Celtic ceremony was taught to Alicia by Grandfather Whitewolf honors the 13 moons of the new solar year. In the Gregorian calendar the last new moon usually falls in December. The ceremony runs from the last new moon of the calendar year to the full moon. This is also a scrying ritual for the 13 moons of the new year. This can be a running ceremony from the new moon to the full moon, meeting every day for 13 to 15 days, or an event beginning on the new moon and ending on the full moon with folks doing their own individual observance in between.

Solstices, Equinoxes, and
the Cross-quarters

Gathering our energies together in song, dance and ritual, we celebrate the natural turning points of the sun on our planet.

Special Ceremonies: Birthdays,
House Blessings, Weddings

Alicia walks a Celtic labyrinth, made on a beach in Wales.Walking this Celtic labyrinth, made on a beach in Wales, honors a birthday.

Boat and house blessings, weddings, birthdays, and memorials are very personal and important times of your life. We co-create an experience that will mark these significant life passages.

Individual Sound/Energy Balancing Sessions

Using elements of sound, massage, energy healing, and ritual, Alicia assists in balancing your inner emotional life and your body. Mini-sessions of 30 minutes and one to two hour sessions are available.