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New Moon CD and Book

New Moon Journey CD Shares Chants To Inspire Sister Circles

Cover of New Moon Journey CDAlicia Bonnet and the New Moon Sisters offer a New Moon Journey CD for women who love to sing and gather for sisterhood. This CD contains 13 New Moon Sister Circle songs that were recorded with the vocal range of most women in mind and are easy to learn and share. Some of the chants included are favorite women's chants as "We All Come from the Goddess," "Ancient Mother," and "Merry Meet, Merry Part." Some have come through Alicia: "Holding Love," "You Can't Hurry the Goddess," and "Courage to be Yourself."

The New Moon Journey CD is an invaluable tool in the orchestration and flow of a New Moon Sister Circle. Pick some chants you or your group likes. Then learn them by singing along with the CD at your gathering. The chants are arranged in a sequence that follows the flow of a ceremonial gathering.

Sister Circles are one way that women today can empower themselves and each other by linking with like-minded sisters. Women praying, praising and playing together can inspire and transform their lives and the communities in which they live. By honoring and becoming aware of the New Moon Cycle, women will remember a natural way of being in tune with the earth.

Alicia has seeded numerous sister circles around the world, has been a member of a new moon sister circle since 1993, and presently guides a new moon sister circle in Mt. Shasta, California.

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Listen to the song "Thank You."

Inspiring Book Shares How
to Create Sister Circles

Cover of  Women's New Moon GuideThe Women's New Moon Guide is the companion to the Journey CD. It provides instructions to begin your own circle, based on the over 15 years experiences of the new moon sister circle in Ashland, Oregon. The chapters describe how to start a group, share a gathering format, offer activities and ceremonies for different moon circles, provide the lyrics and guitar chords for the chants on the CD, and present a section on special occasion ceremonies. Some of the themes include dressing up as a Goddess, honoring your matriarchal ancestors, making prayer arrows, questions to connect to soul truth, foot massages and facials, blessing your divination tools, and a chakra light activation meditation.

We look forward to feeling your circle linking with ours at the new moon.

Most of the themes suggest chants to use from the New Moon Journey CD.

Read a selection: Honoring Your Matriarchal Ancestors.

Order the Women's New Moon Guide book for $15

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