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Eco Peace Fleet – a Sea/Land Community

Do you have a burning desire to live, sail and swim in warm ocean waters?

Do you want to leave a small footprint on our planet?

Does living in a kind, loving, creative, practical community attract you?


Sustainable, eco, permaculture, artistic fleet of buddy cruising sailing boats (40 ft. mas o menos) who travel, swim and interact with whale/dolphin nations in the warm oceans of the world. Living, playing in harmony with each other and the places we travel serving humanity. This fleet has a home port on land.


Model and teach ways of peace through music, clowning and theater as whale/dolphin love, compassionate communication, companion animal awareness and permaculture. Carry heirloom seeds to exchange. Honor the earth through celebrating the lunar and solar cycles with song and dance. Know and practice that Love is the path to healing, community,happiness and inner peace.

These books have inspired me:

Sailing the Farm by Ken Neumeyer

Creating a Life Together and Finding Community by Diana Leafe Christian

Nonviolent Communication
    by Marshall Rosenberg

Getting the Love You Want
    by Harville Hendrix

The Art of Happiness
    by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

I am calling and if your heart stirs...

Email: aliciamerlady@gmail.com

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Alica in front of marinaSince 2004, Alicia has sailed on cruising boats in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico and the South Pacific. Alicia expresses her sea/land adventures through her pen and ink watercolor drawings.