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Bubbles the Clown
Brings Joy and Love

Bubbles the Clown and friendWaiting online for groceries, playing with the kids in the park, or soaking up sun on the beach, you might be graced with the presence of Bubbles with her red nose or without in her clown plain clothes division. With her light hearted laughter and winning smile she offers you a choice of colored sparkly hearts. How can you resist the chuckle that comes up from within your heart as you place that Kids with sparkle hearts on their ears. red, blue, gold, or purple heart on your hand, face, or phone? She leaves a trail of joy and love as a magical aroma in her passing doing her part in creating a more peaceful world.

Bubbles can be invited to perform at private parties, fairs, or any event where her puppets, juggling, cooperative games, bubbles and music will entice beholders to play and laugh with each other and themselves.

Bubbles the Clown and friendsAlicia Bubbles' experience spans 30 years of clowning, banjo playing, puppet storytelling, and joyful music writing. She has appeared at Macy's, Romper Room, the infamous Gong Show, numerous county fairs, festivals and events throughout the USA, Australia, and Europe.

Contact Bubbles at: aliciamerlady@gmail.com.