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Selection from Women's New Moon Guide

Honoring Your Matriarchal Ancestors

Cover of  Women's New Moon GuideThe hostess asks everyone in the circle to bring a photo of the matriarchal ancestor(s) they would like to honor. She also asks for a dish of food that was particular to that ancestor.

When the women arrive, the pictures of their mothers and grandmothers are placed around the central altar. When the theme time arrives, the hostess begins by chanting “Ancient Mother.” She then shares a picture of her matriarchal ancestor, telling of her life and her qualities.

The hostess can add any question she would like to pose for the other women to ponder about their ancestor. Some could be: What gifts has this ancestor for you today? What gifts did she bring to her family? Why did you choose this ancestor to bring today? What is the food dish you chose to share from her and why? Is there anything else you would like to share about this family member?

Any member of the circle can also ask any question of the woman about her ancestor that arises. As each woman shares her ancestor's life, the dish of food she brought is being passed for a taste. After everyone has shared there is a grand potluck with all the various traditional foods.

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