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Emergence Shares
Sing-Along Spirit

Cover of Emergence CDRekindle the wonder and beauty of the child within you. The uplifting, soul-stirring divina music weaves elements of gospel/blues/folk/east Indian through various acoustic strings and powerful vocals and harmonies. Made to sing along with as you move through the world, these simple chants will entice your spirit to soar. Woven throughout this CD are sounds of nature to remind us of our interconnectedness with all things.

Singing acapella harmony with herself, Alicia weaves musical beauty into your soul as you breathe in "In the Stillness." "Deep Within" echoes the oneness we all have with the mother ocean, the mountains and the infinite space inside of us. Lilting harmonies, mountain dulcimer, and tablas give "I Feel So Blessed" the perfect simplicity to truly feel blessed on this planet. "Can't Hurry the Goddess," a rousing gospel chant, reminds us to be patient with life. The kazoo is featured on another gospel tune, "Follow the Light," that will encourage you to follow your path in joy.

Order the Emergence CD for $15

CD available only in the USA

Download it at CD Baby for $7.99

Listen to the song "I Feel So Blessed."