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Open Your Heart
with Opening

Cover of Opening CDAlicia's gentle East-Indian style singing compliments the Tibetan bowls and sarod-flavored banjo and piano ragas. Lovely, angelic, sensuous music to open your flying heart as you journey within.

This is Alicia's first recording and the most esoteric. These are long pieces to entice the heart to open and fly. The first side is 20 minutes of an invocation to Krishna, Isis, Buddha and Quan Yin, invoking these archetypes to awaken in your heart. Hear Alicia's sarod influenced banjo-playing given improvisational room to soar. "Heart of the Goddess, "with its fluid piano accompaniment, tenderly calls to the Goddess within. The ancient Sanskrit words "O Namo Guru Deva Namo" combine with lively banjo and intertwining celestial vocal harmonies to rouse your spirit to open and rise in love.

Order the Opening CD for $15

CD available only in the USA

Listen to the song "O Namo Guru Deva Namo."