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Simple Gifts: Chants of Affirmation, Gratitude
and Blessing

Cover of Simple Gifts CDSingalongable heartsongs which inspire you to bond with the elemental spirits to realms of peace, blessing and gratitude.

Simple Gifts shares Goddess, Native American, and Sufi roots in an acoustic folk/blues/gospel fusion. These heartsongs are easy to learn and sing along to uplift your spirit. These songs and chants can be shared in Ceremony and performance.

Alicia's fourth recording offers a collection of chants and songs that call forth a different element to celebrate life. "Grandmother Ocean" is a powerful affirmation to sing standing on the shore, connecting the tides and waves within ourselves. "Rising Sun" confirms our connection to each new day. "Thank You Spirit" gives heartfelt gratitude for the presence of something greater in our lives that guides our path. "Womb of the Mother Goddess" celebrates the link we all have with the earth mother. "Open to the Fullness" features sarod-influenced banjo playing with soaring vocals to encourage us to be all that we came to be.

Alicia's songwriting friends, Lisa Thiel and Alice DiMicele, add vocal harmonies and percussion to provide a richer folk/gospel sound. The arrangements are acoustically based with Alicia playing piano, guitar, banjo and Balinese flute. Alicia's strong yet gentle vocals have been described as "prayers floating upward to great spirit."

Order the Simple Gifts CD for $15

CD available only in the USA

Download it at CD Baby for $9.99

Listen to the song "Womb of the Mother Goddess."